Home workout: Georgina Roberts on quarantine training

OT shooter Georgina Roberts shares her tips for building a exercise and shooting home workout regime during lockdown. Now that we’re stuck at home, we all want to continue as best we can with our training, and emerge from lockdown

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Shotgun maintenance: How to clean your gun at home

In the latest edition of our series on how to clean your gun at from during lockdown, we’re moving onto the receiver and action. The receiver houses the mechanisms that lock down the barrels to form a strong, serviceable unit,

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Mike Yardley tests the L4S Sporting shotgun

Mike Yardley is impressed with the L4S Sporting clay shotgun, a light and nimble claybusting machine from Italy. Having shot with a Beretta 303 for years, I am a big fan of semi-automatics for some forms of clay shooting, notably

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Showing the men how it’s done…

English Open Compak ladies champion Becky McKenzie reveals the secrets of her success to Jasper Fellows. Since she burst onto the competitive scene in 2007, Becky McKenzie has been a powerful force in shooting. She has scooped up World Championships

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The Beauty of the beast: Top-line Sporting Clays shotgun from Purdey

Mike Yardley, one of Britain’s best known shooting instructors, is blown away by the £75,000 Sporting Clays shotgun from Purdey. It takes quite a lot to get me excited, but the new Purdey Sporting Clays gun has managed to catch

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Eyes and ears

Jasper Fellows helps to keep your senses intact by breaking down the basics of protective equipment. When most people think of gun safety, they think of the damage that can be done to anyone unfortunate enough to be stood at the

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How to beat the flinch

The first step to curing a flinch is to admit you’ve got a problem at all, says Clay Shooting Magazine editor James Marchington Do you flinch when you fire your gun? Most shooters will say no – and yet look what

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SPONSORED: Perazzi High Tech

With orders already being placed for custom built Perazzi’s for next year’s competitive clay season, now is the perfect time to choose your new gun. Every Perazzi shotgun can be fitted to each individual shooters specifications and measurements. Read more

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Gun test: Browning B725 Pro Master

For Richard Atkins, the master is truly at work as he checks out the credentials of Browning’s newly launched B725 Pro Master target O/U. Browning designers have been very busy over recent years, with a steady stream of new models

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SPONSORED: Grand Prix Prowess

Now a regular fixture on the calendar, the Perazzi Grand Prix continues to provide tough-as-nails targets for the technical shooter. Don Brunt was there to see who rose to the challenge. Few places give as warm a welcome as Mid

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