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Home workout: Georgina Roberts on quarantine training

OT shooter Georgina Roberts shares her tips for building a exercise and shooting home workout regime during lockdown. Now that we’re stuck at home, we all want to continue as best we can with our training, and emerge from lockdown

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A brief guide to chokes with Becky McKenzie

Top lady shooter Becky McKenzie provides a five-minute overview of what chokes are for, and which ones you should use. In simple terms, choke is a constriction near the muzzle end of a shotgun barrel, which affects how the shot spreads

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The basics of foot positioning

Bryce explains why correct foot position is the foundation of good technique. I frequently hear shooters talking about the amount of lead a target needs, as if that’s the only thing that matters. Watch them shoot, though, and there’s often

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Pre-shoot routines with Georgina Roberts

With so much you can’t control, it’s good to focus on the things you can, explains Georgina Roberts. A pre-shot routine is the preparation we go through for each shot we take. For the majority of shooters, this routine will consist

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A guide to protective equipment

Jasper Fellows helps to keep your senses intact by breaking down the basics of protective equipment. When most people think of gun safety, they think of the damage that can be done to anyone unfortunate enough to be stood at the

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Social distancing rules in clay shooting – Ask the experts

Let us know if you have any questions, such as the rules on social distancing in clay shooting – we have the experts to answer them Meet the experts Social distancing rules Question: As the lockdown begins to ease, I

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Nutrition plans for clay shooters

Eat better, shoot better. Whatever our level of shooting, we all need the right fuel to compete at our best, says James Simon Take a look at most Olympic sports and, even at a local club level, you’ll find a

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Clay shooting vision training kit reviewed by Rhys Plum

Rhys Plum tries out the latest eye exercise kit from shooting vision expert Ed Lyons. As a Clay Shooting reader you’ll know all about Ed Lyons. Ed has worked with more than 1,200 shotgun shooters, from amateurs to Olympians. During the

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Hand-eye coordination technique for clay shooting

Not ready to go out shooting yet? Georgina Roberts continues her ‘quarantraining’ with some tips on hand-eye coordination technique that will improve your cognitive and motor skills for shooting. In shooting, your brain receives information from the eyes, processes it, and

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How to hit looper targets in clay shooting

Andy Powell explains two preferred methods of consistently hitting the dreaded looper target. It’s one of the hardest things to get to grips with in shotgun shooting: understanding first what the target is actually doing, and then how you and your

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