New year, new goals

Mitchell Brooker-Smith is planning how to build on a successful year and maintain the momentum of his shooting career. As Christmas approached, things at school finally became a bit quieter. Less schoolwork means more more free time – and more free

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Ben Husthwaite ramps it up

Jonathan McGee is back for his next training session with Ben Husthwaite, who is upping the ante with the aid of a bucket! It’s hard to describe the excitement I now get from shooting clays. I’m sure many readers have been

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Brain training

Jonathan McGee passes on the training tips from his time in Ben Husthwaite’s intensive sponsored tuition programme The day started like any normal training day, but this time our Gold Tier Team are back where it all began at Kibworth

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Balancing shooting and exams with Leah Southall

As Leah Southall embarks on her exams, her shooting schedule provides a counterpoint to revision The evening of 26th April saw my local council’s youth awards being held. These recognise the achievements of 11-19 year olds in the local borough

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Ethan Lowry on building core strength

Ethan Lowry takes a muscular approach to shooting with a look at the importance of building core strength. Ethan Lowry is a physiotherapist and a researcher specialising in pain and nutrition. He makes it to the clay ground two or

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Raise your game with Mark Winser

As the 2019 Clay Shooting Classic gets closer, we’re looking back at the best tips and advice from a former three-time winner, Mark Winser.    Part One: Stance In this series I’m going to take you through everything you need

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Malaga Madness

Mitchell Brooker-Smith heads out for his first international competition. But will the tempestuous conditions at the Malaga Grand Prix throw him off his game? In January I competed in the Malaga Grand Prix. It was my first international competition, so

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How to stay sharp during the off-season

Ben Husthwaite helps you work on your shooting methods during your winter sessions

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Improve your balance… and your shot!

Your shotgun isn’t the only thing that should have good balance, and having good core strength will help with this according to Ethan Lowry

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Learn from the England Seniors English Sporting team on 8 July

Sporting Targets will host five members of England’s English Sporting team and you could be there to train with them

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