The man behind the ShotKam

James Marchington talks to inventor, businessman and lifelong shooter David Stewart Imagine you’re teaching your young son’s friends to shoot, and want to explain the concept of forward allowance. What you really need is a video camera fixed to the

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Richard Atkins on over-boring and fibre wads

Richard Atkins says you should think carefully before using fibre wad shells in an over-bored gun The recent public move against all things plastic has motivated some, no doubt well intentioned, folk to begin banning plastic wads at their shooting

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Matt Coward-Holley wins silver in Trap at the ISSF World Cup

After a heart-stopping final, on Thursday 16th May, young shooter Matt Coward-Holley won a Trap silver medal at the ISSF Changwon World Cup, missing out on gold by the narrowest of margins. Though naturally disappointed to have lost out at

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Tips from former Clay Shooting Classic winner Ben Husthwaite

It may seem intimidating for the newcomer, but give FITASAC Sporting a go and you could easily find yourself hooked Ben Husthwaite has some tips to get you started 2019 welcomes the world FITASC to the UK and to the

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Starting gun

Jonathan McGee is embarking on an exciting new journey with Ben Husthwaite as his capable guide. He tells us how his dreams came true. My clay shooting story started 21 years ago, at the age of 13, when I was

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Finding the right first shotgun

It’s important not to rush into things when it comes to your first shotgun. Ben Cartwright recalls his quest for true love. In 2017-18 there were 9,696 shotgun licences issued by the Police. One of them was mine. Having secured

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How does caffeine effect your shooting?

Coffee: friend or foe? Ethan Lowry discusses the effects of caffeine on your shooting Those of us who are involved in shooting sports often find we need to set our alarm clock for some pretty unsociable hours. Pest control and

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A look ahead to the Clay Shooting Classic

With less than a month to go until the Clay Shooting Classic kicks off, we take a closer look at the plans for the course. The clock is ticking – the Classic kicks off on 28 May, with the Fitasc

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Ask the experts

Let us know if you have any questions, we have the experts to answer them Should I carry my certificate? Q: I noticed recently that some shooting friends of mine carry their shotgun certificate in a shooting bag so it’s

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Richard Atkins reviews Caesar Guerini’s Invictus VII Sporter

It’s Hail Caesar for Richard Atkins, as he gives a thumbs up to Caesar Guerini’s Invictus VII Sporter, a competition gun with a million round potential Caesar Guerini is now a very well established name among UK clay shooters. Part

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