Gun maintenance tips: Follow up on action cleaning

Our final edition of this series offers more detail on action cleaning during your gun maintenance lockdown session. It is quite straightforward to remove the stock and check, clean and lubricate the action. This isn’t required often, but it’s worth

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Magic Bore: Does it work?

Magic Bore was developed to remove heavy fouling now found in bigger barrel diameters, so Richard Atkins was keen to discover how it worked

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Gun cleaning kit: 16 of the most essential items

Lloyd Pattison runs through the products to you need to have in your gun cleaning kit.  Having a gun cleaning kit; some think it’s vital, others think it’s a waste of time. If you’re in the latter camp then this

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Gun stocks: Why walnut is the ultimate material

James Simon delves into the mysteries of walnut and discovers why this unique timber is prized as the ultimate material for gun stocks. Walnut possesses a number of qualities that make it the ideal material for gun stocks. Its exquisite,

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CORONAVIRUS: Our tips on what to do during social distancing

At the start of last week, Prime Minister Boris Johnson laid out a new strategy for managing the coronavirus outbreak. One of the key factors for this was advising everyone to adhere to social distancing practices – to avoid all

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Balancing Shooting with exams w/ Leah Southall

Leah Southall will have her work cut out as she ramps up her shooting and tackles her AS exams. This year marks my fourth year of shooting – I started in March 2016 – and 2020 is also going to be

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The benefits of prescription inserts in shooting glasses

James Marchington discovers there’s more to corrective shooting glasses than he realised. If you’re reading this then I take it that, like me, you wouldn’t stand a chance of hitting a target without glasses, or perhaps contact lenses. That’s fine,

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German influence on clay gun design

Andy Powell looks at the influence of German gunmakers on clay shooting gun design. Shooting out on the clay circuits and working in one of the busiest gun rooms and shooting grounds in the UK, I can’t help noticing the

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Georgina Roberts is trying to get young people shooting

Shooting is a very inclusive sport. It can be enjoyed competitively or as a bit of family fun. In order for shooting to grow and develop, we need to work to encourage and support the next generation of shooters and

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SPONSORED: Go shooting indoors with the ST-2 Shooting Simulator

BASC’s ST-2 Shooting Simulator is a fantastic training tool that lets you see how you address the target, where your shot goes, and helps you be a better shot

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