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Let us know if you have any questions, we have the experts to answer them Worry over licence renewal Q: I am a keen clay shooter in my late 50s. My shotgun certificate is due for renewal soon and I

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Stop motion with Jason Doyle

The indefatigable Jason Doyle sees improvement as he continues to strive for that elusive AA Class status, and learns the virtues of holding still. This month started with a fantastic 100-bird Sporting run by Mac’s Valley Gun Club. It was

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BREAKING NEWS: Malmo Guns and Blackpool Sporting Clays to host Lancashire Masters

New Sporting competition heading north in 2016

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Too forward?

In normal circumstances, and at normal ranges (sub-35 yards), your primary consideration should be to watch the target well with perfect sustained focus and keep the gun moving

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Trigger happy

Are you messing up your shots at the last minute with poor trigger technique? Let Chris Miles put you right

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Padding Problems

Q I recently acquired a Browning B2G that I want to shoot both game and Sporting clays with. However, although the stock is comfortable for length, my face is far too high on the top of the stock so I

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