Give it a go!

Thinking of trying shooting? We’d love to have you onboard! James Marchington explains how to get started in part one of a new series. There are many great reasons to take up shooting. It gets you outdoors in the fresh

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Flash bang!

James Marchington meets the Skeet shooter and professional action photographer who captured these amazing images. My jaw dropped when I saw these photos. It’s not easy to take good photos of shooting – even professionals struggle to take a really striking

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Shooter’s eye view

James Marchington tests the latest version of the Aimcam, shooting glasses with a built-in video camera. It’s an appealing idea, to be able to record your shooting and play it back afterwards – whether that’s to analyse your performance and perhaps

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Triggering better scores

There’s a lot to like about the Caesar Guerini Invictus I Ascent, especially those triggers, says Richard Atkins. We have featured several Caesar Guerini guns in these pages and they have so far proven very well received. This month’s test

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Mitchell Brooker-Smith and exam nerves

Mitchell heads to the range to shake off the stress after his first GCSE. The season is now over, and a month on from taking the junior gold medal at the British Shooting Grand Final, I’ve had a lot to

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Lessons learned with Ben Cartwright

Ben Cartwright reflects on what he’s learned in his year as a novice shooter. Looking back on my journey as a novice shooter, the words of the late blues guitarist, Stevie Ray Vaughan, struck a chord: “Your sound is in

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Wordcraft launch version 5 of DryFire target system

Wordcraft International has launched version 5 of its DryFire target simulation system which, since its invention, has grown to become an international success with over 20,000 users including world champions such as Aislin Jones, Junior World Skeet Champion for Australia.

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Skeet’s rising star

Becky Kibble’s success at the World Skeet Masters was just the latest achievement for this remarkable shot, writes Murray Thomson Watching Becky Kibble win the Ladies High Gun at the World Skeet Masters, you would think she’d been shooting all

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The Beauty of the beast: Top-line Sporting Clays shotgun from Purdey

Mike Yardley, one of Britain’s best known shooting instructors, is blown away by the £75,000 Sporting Clays shotgun from Purdey. It takes quite a lot to get me excited, but the new Purdey Sporting Clays gun has managed to catch

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Finding the right gun

Georgina Roberts describes her search for perfection, in the face of conflicting advice. When you’re getting started in shooting, one of the most important things to get right is your equipment. That’s especially important at a competitive level. Factors like

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