Sam Green on the importance of supporting young shots

Fitasc world champion Sam Green discusses his career, and the importance of supporting young shots, with Jasper Fellows In life there are a lucky few who discover their true passion at an early age, an age from which they are

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Battling through

Leah Southall keeps going, despite a rough patch and difficult conditions, to finish the month in style! I was at Bywell Shooting Ground on the three days of 19-21 July to shoot the British Open DTL and the European DTL

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Sporting Clay shotguns: The editor’s choice

James Marchington lists his personal favourite guns for Sporting clay shooting This month I thought I would give you my personal take on the guns that have given me the most enjoyment shooting clays. Inevitably that means I have hit

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Trying out the latest hearing protection

James Marchington tries out the latest in electronic hearing protection from Mercury Custom Plugs How times change! As a teenager, my dad lectured me about the importance of protecting my hearing when shooting, and handed me a square of loo roll.

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Under the influence

Of course shooting and alcohol don’t mix, but Ethan Lowry says that even a small tipple could affect your scores much longer than you think… I don’t know about you, but when the weekend approaches, the one thing on my mind

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Ben Husthwaite ramps it up

Jonathan McGee is back for his next training session with Ben Husthwaite, who is upping the ante with the aid of a bucket! It’s hard to describe the excitement I now get from shooting clays. I’m sure many readers have been

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Leah Southall is back with a bang!

With exams now a fading memory, Leah Southall is back in the thick of dusting clays right, left and centre. After many months of not shooting as much as I would have liked, I decided to break myself back into

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Shooters to watch

Welcome to a new series on shooters who are starting to make their mark. This month, two young shots from Scotland, by Murray Thomson Rhys Harrison Rhys picked up his passion for shooting from his father Richard, who is an

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Target load review w/ Richard Atkins

Richard Atkins reviews 28 gram Target Loads in plastic and fibre wad from Spanish maker Rio The Rio cartridge brand has a long history, having been founded in 1896. Now a part of the large and successful Maxam Outdoors company,

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Ben Cartwright addresses his vision

The eyes have it for Ben Cartwright as he gets the low down on his vision with a little help from Ed Lyons – after all, you can’t hit what you can’t see. I need a new pair of eyeballs!

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