The importance of having a clay shooting coach

Georgina Roberts explains how a coach can guide, motivate and support you on your way to success A coach is much more than just someone who will tell you “You’re in front of that” or “You missed that one behind.”

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The brain game

Shooting clays is a mind game, so how do we train our brains for success? James Simon gets his head around three different methods. I’ll be fine as long as I don’t get called to shoot just before Jason. If I

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How to get started in clay shooting

Thinking of trying shooting? We’d love to have you onboard! James Marchington explains how to get started. There are many great reasons to take up shooting. It gets you outdoors in the fresh air. It develops new skills and knowledge. 

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SPONSORED: Decoying Doubles – transferring skills from clay shooting to pigeon shooting

I know there’s a world of difference between shooting real pigeons and their clay counterparts, but I was surprised recently to see a friend really struggling to make an impression on some woodies he was decoying. As far as I

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Tips on improving vision for clay shooting

Vision is fundamental to good shooting, and Ed Lyons explains how you can improve your performance with a little expert help. One of the most common questions I was asked during the lockdown period is “what can I do to improve

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Shooters’ tips for making the most of coronavirus lockdown

Rhys Plum talks to fellow shooters to discover how they are coping, and gets some shooters’ tips on maintaining skills and fitness. Shooters’ tips: Matt Hance First to give out shooters’ tips is Matt Hance. Matt is currently in the

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What makes a good coach?

We ask top coach and former FITASC world champion Ed Solomons

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Gunmakers Charitable Trust to host fundraising clay shoot

Book your place at Holland & Holland for 16 September now

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