SPONSORED: Bowman Clay Traps – British Made

Bowman’s most popular trap for home use, the Supermatch One (SPM1) has a high tensile cast aluminium frame, heavy-duty motor and gearbox and hard-wired circuitry

It comes with 2 hoppers, so you can switch between practising with standard and midis and will hold 65 clays in the stack.

The trap can fire every 0.9 seconds and sends clays out at a superfast rate. The SPM1 can throw a fast-following pair or put a flurry of clays into the air with ease getting 6 in the air before the first one hits the ground! 

The SPM1 doesn’t require any spanners to adjust the height or spring tension and best of all, it has full elevation from horizontal to springing teal. 

It comes with a mini barrow, 50m cable fire button, spares pack, safety ring and 3-years warranty. There are also lots of optional extras to purchase which make the trap even more versatile. 

At a RRP of £1,029 the trap, including mini barrow has over £75.00 of savings at £949.99 this Christmas. 01-Dec 2020 until 31-Jan 2021.

For more information, just visit: www.bowmantraps.co.uk
Or call: 01777 870243

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