Ethan Lowry on hand-eye coordination

Ethan Lowry on the importance of developing strong hand-eye coordination to enhance your shooting prowess Clay shooting actually involves more of the senses than people may think. You’re holding the gun (touch), watching for the clay (sight) and listening for

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The benefits of prescription inserts in shooting glasses

James Marchington discovers there’s more to corrective shooting glasses than he realised. If you’re reading this then I take it that, like me, you wouldn’t stand a chance of hitting a target without glasses, or perhaps contact lenses. That’s fine,

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Most used clays at Atkin Grant & Lang

Rachel Draper looks at the loads that bust the most clays at the AGL ground. Atkin Grant & Lang is a clay ground, shooting school and gun shop, and we get through roughly 20,000 cartridges a week, with a wide

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Mike Yardley tests the L4S Sporting shotgun

Mike Yardley is impressed with the L4S Sporting clay shotgun, a light and nimble claybusting machine from Italy. Having shot with a Beretta 303 for years, I am a big fan of semi-automatics for some forms of clay shooting, notably

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German influence on clay gun design

Andy Powell looks at the influence of German gunmakers on clay shooting gun design. Shooting out on the clay circuits and working in one of the busiest gun rooms and shooting grounds in the UK, I can’t help noticing the

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The Clay Shooting Classic is BACK!

The 2020 Clay Shooting Classic at Orston is one shoot you won’t want to miss – get booked in now! Call 01949 851181 to secure your place. Alternatively register by email with a contact telephone number at: The Clay Shooting

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Top shots’ gun choices

The EJ Churchill Gun Room lists the competition clay guns most often picked by the world’s top Sporting shooters. As proud host of the CPSA World English Sporting Championships 2014, 2016, 2018 and of the World FITASC Sporting Championships 2019, we

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Maionchi AZ20s are back

Older shooters will fondly remember Maionchi AZ20 cartridges – well, they’re back! The AZ20 was a popular clay load in the 1980s, and some shooters swore by them for pigeon shooting too. Now Garlands, based near Tamworth in Staffordshire, are

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Aston Villa Women get a taste for shooting

Lea Marston Shooting Club welcomed the Aston Villa Women Football Club for a friendly day of competition on a chilly but sunny 4 January. The day was organised by CPSA Coach Paul Dancer, who was inspired after recognising that the two

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Mike Yardley’s positive shooting

Mike Yardley explains how he developed his successful Positive Shooting method and how you can put it into practice. Some 35 years ago, I decided I wanted to be a shooting instructor. I had already been shooting since I was

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