Jason Simon reports from Owls Lodge

A deceptively tricky 100 Sporting course at Owls Lodge left some shooters scratching their heads, James Simon reports Step out of the clubhouse at Richard and Tanya Faulds’ Owls Lodge Shooting School onto the green, immaculately manicured grounds and you’ll

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Having the correct eyewear is vital to maximise your performance, enjoyment and safety. We are a specialist ophthalmic lens manufacturer – we offer a wide range of specialist shooting frames and we also supply exactly the right tailor made prescription

Mark Winser wins first shoot at EJ Churchill’s new ground

Mark Winser won the very first CPSA registered 100 Sporting competition at the newly opened EJ Churchill ground at Swinton Estate near Masham in North Yorkshire on Thursday 30 July. Mark’s winning score of 95 ex-100 was even more remarkable,

BASC’s Gamekeeper of the Month for August – Ian Sleightholm

BASC’s next Gamekeeper of the Month is head keeper Ian Sleightholm from Bolton Castle estate. Ian talks about the reasons behind his decision to become a keeper, what he loves about his profession the most and why he would encourage


Social distancing rules in clay shooting – Ask the experts

Let us know if you have any questions, such as the rules on social distancing in clay shooting – we have the experts to answer them Meet the experts Social distancing rules Question: As the lockdown begins to ease, I

Nutrition plans for clay shooters

Eat better, shoot better. Whatever our level of shooting, we all need the right fuel to compete at our best, says James Simon Take a look at most Olympic sports and, even at a local club level, you’ll find a

Clay shooting vision training kit reviewed by Rhys Plum

Rhys Plum tries out the latest eye exercise kit from shooting vision expert Ed Lyons. As a Clay Shooting reader you’ll know all about Ed Lyons. Ed has worked with more than 1,200 shotgun shooters, from amateurs to Olympians. During the

Hand-eye coordination technique for clay shooting

Not ready to go out shooting yet? Georgina Roberts continues her ‘quarantraining’ with some tips on hand-eye coordination technique that will improve your cognitive and motor skills for shooting. In shooting, your brain receives information from the eyes, processes it, and


Anita North reports on British Shooting’s progress

Anita North reports on British Shooting’s progress with a return to training and competition. I’m writing this article in July, and there is progress with the considered return to training and competing for Olympic Trap and Olympic Skeet. The international

Team USA shooter David Radulovich interview

Rhys Plum talks to the Team USA shooter, multiple World Champion and podcast host  At the age of 27, David Radulovich has been a member of Team USA for the past four years, and has a host of championship titles to

Looking for the right stock with Ben Cartwright

Ben Cartwright took up clay shooting recently. We followed his early progress – now he wants a stock for his Caesar Guerini Figuratively speaking, it took about a year and a half for the lustre on my Caesar Guerini Summit

Ian Coley Sporting MD interview on lockdown and re-opening

Jasper Fellows visits Ian Coley Sporting and discusses the challenges of re-opening with MD Adam Bromfield. On March 23 a special ministerial broadcast was beamed across the nation. Boris Johnson confirmed the rumours that had spread like wildfire across the


Mitchell Brooker-Smith’s Olympic Skeet win

Mitchell Brooker-Smith blows away the Christmas cobwebs with an Olympic clay shooting Skeet win at South Wales 2000. What better way to celebrate the festive season than South Wales 2000’s Olympic Skeet team Christmas shoot! I’ve been extremely busy these

Para trap at World Championships

Nicola Heron reports from the Fedecat Trap 5 in Spain, where Para Trap combined with a World Championship for the first time. The fifth Fedecat Trap 5 World Championship saw a Para Trap category at a world championship for the first

Best of British

The country’s top Skeet and Trap shooters gathered for the British Shooting Grand Final 2019. Anita North reports The last weekend of September saw Olympic Trap and Skeet shooters gather at Fauxdegla Shooting Ground for this year’s British Shooting Shotgun

Tough at the top

Team GB’s shooters put in a strong performance at a challenging World Cup in Finland, but medals eluded them, reports Anita North The last World Cup this year took place in Lahti, Finland, in August. It was interesting to watch

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