Mike Bartlett on targets!

Mike Bartlett shoots up and down the country, and tells it like it is about the targets. The first shoot we had this month was the England Fitasc Selection shoot at Eriswell Lodge. Sadly the targets were more Compak than

Polaris Ranger Diesel: refined performance with the all-new diesel engine

The new Polaris Ranger Diesel is made to perform to the highest standards for years to come. The all-new three-cylinder Kubota diesel engine is the most powerful engine in its class, delivering 24.8 horsepower and 40.8 of torque. Paired with more consistent power

Mitchell Brooker-Smith wins podium glory

Mitchell Brooker-Smith shows nerves of a steel as he goes head-to-head to win a place on the podium…twice! The 2019 season has officially begun, starting with the first domestic competition at Doveridge on 30-31 March. Competing in the Malaga Grand

Mark Winser wins the Essex Gun Masters

John Dyson had done it again on the Essex Masters targets, and a top quality competition ensued, reports Don Brunt  For full results visit The Essex Gun Masters is a shoot that has grown in popularity over the years


Ethan Lowry on building core strength

Ethan Lowry takes a muscular approach to shooting with a look at the importance of building core strength. Ethan Lowry is a physiotherapist and a researcher specialising in pain and nutrition. He makes it to the clay ground two or

Tips from former Clay Shooting Classic winner Ben Husthwaite

It may seem intimidating for the newcomer, but give FITASAC Sporting a go and you could easily find yourself hooked Ben Husthwaite has some tips to get you started 2019 welcomes the world FITASC to the UK and to the

Ask the experts

Let us know if you have any questions, we have the experts to answer them Should I carry my certificate? Q: I noticed recently that some shooting friends of mine carry their shotgun certificate in a shooting bag so it’s

Q and A

Let us know if you have any questions, we have the experts to answer them Worry over licence renewal Q: I am a keen clay shooter in my late 50s. My shotgun certificate is due for renewal soon and I


Onwards and upwards for Leah Southall

Leah Southall continues on her quest to become the next big name in DTL The last day of March saw me visit Nottingham and District Gun Club for the first time in a while, for the Help for Heroes 100

Bryce explains correct gun-holding technique

Bryce Blandford-Corp explains how holding your gun properly will aid a good mount and swing, as well as reducing the effects of recoil As a newcomer to clay shooting, or just shooting in general, there’s a lot to think about,

Ben Cartwright’s Italian adventure

Ben Cartwright heads out to Lake Garda to discover the amazing world of the great Italian gunmakers How do you manage to convince your slightly-suspicious-of-shooting partner that she would love to visit the home of Italian gunmaking? In my case,

The man behind the ShotKam

James Marchington talks to inventor, businessman and lifelong shooter David Stewart Imagine you’re teaching your young son’s friends to shoot, and want to explain the concept of forward allowance. What you really need is a video camera fixed to the


A look ahead to the Clay Shooting Classic

With less than a month to go until the Clay Shooting Classic kicks off, we take a closer look at the plans for the course. The clock is ticking – the Classic kicks off on 28 May, with the Fitasc

Sporting Chance

Shoot quality targets in a brand new location at the 5th ICTSF World English Sporting Championships at the Devenish Lands at Dowth, Ireland The clay season has arrived, and it brings with it an air of anticipation and excitement for

Bennion Bags British Schools and Young Shots High Gun

The next generation of shooting was on show at the British Schools and Young Shots Championship on Saturday – and Josh Bennion was crowned the overall High Gun. Smashing a full set of 50 clays on the Red course at

A look ahead to the British Schools and Young Shots Championship

With the British Schools & Young Shots Championship just a few days away, we can unveil an exclusive prize and membership bundle for the High Gun, as well as guns to be won from Webley and Armsan In less than

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