Clay Shooting 154 is on sale NOW

The latest edition of Clay Shooting Magazine is on sale now! The big competitions are back! In this month’s Clay Shooting magazine we report from the British Open Sporting Championship, the climax of the English Sporting year – which at one time looked like

Taking a look at EJ Churchill’s new ground at Swinton

James Marchington visits the new EJ Churchill shooting ground in North Yorkshire. A glance at the entry list told you this shoot was something special. The biggest names in Sporting clays, at least in the North of England, had flocked

The ‘One Stop Shop’ for Prescription Shooting Glasses

From sun protection to impact protection, All Eyes has helped many athletes throughout the UK protect their eyes and perform to the best of their ability with tailored prescription solutions for sports and shooting. Having been manufacturing quality eyewear for

Clay Shooting 153 is out NOW

The latest issue of Clay Shooting Magazine is now available to purchase! To subscribe to Clay Shooting Magazine, just click follow this link: The game season is here – but you don’t need to be a game shot to


A brief guide to chokes with Becky McKenzie

Top lady shooter Becky McKenzie provides a five-minute overview of what chokes are for, and which ones you should use. In simple terms, choke is a constriction near the muzzle end of a shotgun barrel, which affects how the shot spreads

The basics of foot positioning

Bryce explains why correct foot position is the foundation of good technique. I frequently hear shooters talking about the amount of lead a target needs, as if that’s the only thing that matters. Watch them shoot, though, and there’s often

Pre-shoot routines with Georgina Roberts

With so much you can’t control, it’s good to focus on the things you can, explains Georgina Roberts. A pre-shot routine is the preparation we go through for each shot we take. For the majority of shooters, this routine will consist

A guide to protective equipment

Jasper Fellows helps to keep your senses intact by breaking down the basics of protective equipment. When most people think of gun safety, they think of the damage that can be done to anyone unfortunate enough to be stood at the


Best clay cartridges from budget to blow-out

From low-cost loads to costly cartridges, we look at some of the best clay cartridges available.

Gun Test: B725 Sporter II

Richard Atkins explains why the Browning B725 Sporter II is such a smooth operator

Clay shotgun chokes – everything you need to know

Choke it up to experience: Richard Atkins gets to grips with the unsung hero of modern shotgun design, the humble, though now ubiquitous choke

How to get started in clay shooting

Thinking of trying shooting? We’d love to have you onboard! James Marchington explains how to get started. There are many great reasons to take up shooting. It gets you outdoors in the fresh air. It develops new skills and knowledge. 


Mitchell Brooker-Smith’s Olympic Skeet win

Mitchell Brooker-Smith blows away the Christmas cobwebs with an Olympic clay shooting Skeet win at South Wales 2000. What better way to celebrate the festive season than South Wales 2000’s Olympic Skeet team Christmas shoot! I’ve been extremely busy these

Para trap at World Championships

Nicola Heron reports from the Fedecat Trap 5 in Spain, where Para Trap combined with a World Championship for the first time. The fifth Fedecat Trap 5 World Championship saw a Para Trap category at a world championship for the first

Best of British

The country’s top Skeet and Trap shooters gathered for the British Shooting Grand Final 2019. Anita North reports The last weekend of September saw Olympic Trap and Skeet shooters gather at Fauxdegla Shooting Ground for this year’s British Shooting Shotgun

Tough at the top

Team GB’s shooters put in a strong performance at a challenging World Cup in Finland, but medals eluded them, reports Anita North The last World Cup this year took place in Lahti, Finland, in August. It was interesting to watch

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