James Marchington

A job well done

Young shots programmes like the TSC are helping to build a brighter future for our sport, says James Marchington. What a pleasure it was to watch the top 20-odd young shots compete at the TSC Grand Final at the Oxford Gun

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Give it a go!

Thinking of trying shooting? We’d love to have you onboard! James Marchington explains how to get started in part one of a new series. There are many great reasons to take up shooting. It gets you outdoors in the fresh

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Flash bang!

James Marchington meets the Skeet shooter and professional action photographer who captured these amazing images. My jaw dropped when I saw these photos. It’s not easy to take good photos of shooting – even professionals struggle to take a really striking

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Shooter’s eye view

James Marchington tests the latest version of the Aimcam, shooting glasses with a built-in video camera. It’s an appealing idea, to be able to record your shooting and play it back afterwards – whether that’s to analyse your performance and perhaps

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Rizzini Grand Finale

Everyone’s a winner at the final of  the 2019 Rizzini Series, but Richard Faulds stands out above them all, reports James Marchington. Thank goodness we weren’t doing this yesterday! That was the abiding feeling at the big final of the 2019

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Shooters to watch

James Marchington talks to two young shots who have proved they’ve got what it takes to succeed Ben Killian Ben started shooting with father Wayne at the age of eight, and progressed from a bolt-action .410 to a 20-bore semi-auto.

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How to beat the flinch

The first step to curing a flinch is to admit you’ve got a problem at all, says Clay Shooting Magazine editor James Marchington Do you flinch when you fire your gun? Most shooters will say no – and yet look what

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The editor chooses more Sporting clays!

James Marchington is back as he lists more of his personal favourite guns for Sporting clay shooting BERETTA SILVER PIGEON SPORTER Another classic, and one that’s in daily use at shooting schools up and down the country. The Silver Pigeon

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Sporting Clay shotguns: The editor’s choice

James Marchington lists his personal favourite guns for Sporting clay shooting This month I thought I would give you my personal take on the guns that have given me the most enjoyment shooting clays. Inevitably that means I have hit

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James Marchington: Change is coming…

James Marchington gazes into his crystal ball and wonders what we’ll be shooting in years to come Imagine you’re at your favourite clay ground, heading off to the first stand. You’re looking forward to a fun round of clays – but

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