Floor plan and map of IWA

IWA is less than a week away, and if you’re looking to head over to Germany, here is your complete floor plan of the halls.                      

NFSG: The results

We can finally reveal the outcome of the Nation’s Favourite Shooting Ground poll for 2019 – and the winner is… The voting has closed, the scores have been checked, vetted, checked again, and counted again just to make sure. The

New head coach for Coley’s

Former World and British Champion Mark Marshall has joined the team at Ian Coley Sporting as chief instructor and shooting school manager. Well known for setting top-class sporting layouts such as the World Sporting and Beretta World Championships, Mark is

Bywell Shooting Ground Holds Official Grand Opening

Bywell Shooting Ground, located in the heart of Northumberland, recently held an official grand opening event to celebrate their expanded gunroom, retail space and cartridge store. Since it’s inception in 1980, Bywell Shooting Ground’s business and commercial development has gone from


Bryce’s basics: foot position

Bryce explains why correct foot position is the foundation of good technique. I frequently hear shooters talking about the amount of lead a target needs, as if that’s the only thing that matters. Watch them shoot, though, and there’s often

Ask the experts!

Let us know if you have any questions, we have the experts to answer them. Q: I have shot a second-hand Krieghoff 30” gun for DTL since h 2018. It came with ½ and ¾ chokes, and my best score with this

Richard Atkins discusses getting the best value for money on your first gun

Price and performance; should one have to give way to the other? Does paying more really buy you more? Richard Atkins navigates the perilous waters that surround a shooter’s first gun purchase.  Buying a shotgun, especially your first, can be

The perfect hit: gun fit really is as important as everyone says!

Keen sporting shot Jason Doyle has been consulting a number of experts on the subject, and it turns out gun fit really is as important as everyone says it is. The last couple of months have been pretty quiet for


Budget clay shells

You needn’t shell out to get outstanding shells. Here we present a roundup of the most popular clay cartridges! With a huge variety of cartridges on offer, it can be hard to make an informed choice. Here, our cartridge expert

Hear ye, hear ye! 10 of the latest pieces of hearing tech

Lloyd Pattison takes you on a journey through the world  of hearing protection, from humble foam plugs to the latest technology. Making a loud noise is fun, the louder the better – just ask any kid (and indeed most adults).

Back with a bang

Mike Bartlett’s getting back in the swing of things, but with blustery conditions the course of clay birds never did run smooth. With the game season in its last week we are now back to two shoots on a Sunday.

Starting strong with Leah Southall

Leah Southall kicks off the new shooting season with an eye on some ambitious goals. The beginning of a new year means new challenges, and with hard work and dedication these can be overcome. One of the things that I


Malaga Madness

Mitchell Brooker-Smith heads out for his first international competition. But will the tempestuous conditions at the Malaga Grand Prix throw him off his game? In January I competed in the Malaga Grand Prix. It was my first international competition, so

ATA boosts Clay Shooting Classic with sponsorship.

ATA has given the Classic a big boost with six-gun sponsorship worth £6,500. Entries to the Clay Shooting Classic 2019 have been coming in rapidly since the event was announced, and we’ve already gone well past the point where we

The road to Tokyo

Anita North explains what it will take to get Britain’s athletes into the running for Tokyo 2020. I’m really looking forward to the competition season ahead. This year is an important year in the international scene – it’s the big year

Halcyon Clays: Clay Shooting at University

University days stay with students for the rest of their lives, so what better time to introduce them to clay shooting? We hear about the experiences of new shooters at Oxford University. The Oxford University Clay Pigeon Shooting Club has

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