Mind over body

Research suggests you could boost your scores by ten per cent with some simple breathing exercises. Just imagine for a moment that you could improve your competition scores by around ten per cent at a stroke. There’s no need for extra

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Don’t be ‘that guy’: Ben Cartwright tells of avoiding a familiar trap

Ben Cartwright avoids a familiar trap as he kicks off his new column. I almost became ‘that guy’. You know – the one who shares opinions and advice with such complete certainty that he can persuade you he knows best through

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The Ultimate Guide to Chokes

Choke it up to experience: Richard Atkins gets to grips with the unsung hero of modern shotgun design, the humble, though now ubiquitous choke

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Caught in a trap: Finding the right chokes and cartridges

If you’re struggling to figure out the best combination of cartridge and chokes for your Trap shotgun, Richard Atkins might have some answers for you…

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How to buy your first clay gun

After what may be some time following your first introduction to clay target shooting, which may have been at your local club or some informal clays with your friends, the moment comes when you decide you want to buy your

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Christmas time – shooting kit and wine

Check out Clay Shooting magazine’s Christmas gift guide for those last-minute ideas

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Preparing for the new season

Asked for cash this Christmas? Do you plan to make the most of January sales? Or just preparing for the new shooting season ahead? Whatever your reason, it’s time to splash out on some new products and Clay Shooting is here to help

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Safety issues

Q. I’ve only been shooting for a while but have always taken onboard everything I’ve been told regarding protocol and safety whilst shooting. Imagine my surprise, when at a registered shoot, I witnessed a top shooter remove the choke from

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All choked up?

Few subjects inspire such heated debate among shooters as choke selection; we try to cut through the myths and give you some hard facts

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