Ian Coley’s recommended Ladies Guns

The experts in Ian Coley’s gunroom go over some shotgun options for women shooters. BERETTA 691 VITTORIA£2,495 The first gun in the Beretta range to be designed specifically for women, the 691 Vittoria is a nicely finished and detailed gun

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Fibre clay loads for simulated days

Simulated game days are very much in vogue at the moment and a lighter load will increase your enjoyment without beating you up. In the olden days, ‘big is best’ was the clay shooter’s maxim, with Fitasc shooters able to

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Bryce explains correct gun-holding technique

Bryce Blandford-Corp explains how holding your gun properly will aid a good mount and swing, as well as reducing the effects of recoil As a newcomer to clay shooting, or just shooting in general, there’s a lot to think about,

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The perfect hit: gun fit really is as important as everyone says!

Keen sporting shot Jason Doyle has been consulting a number of experts on the subject, and it turns out gun fit really is as important as everyone says it is. The last couple of months have been pretty quiet for

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Semi-auto science

Gunsmithing expert Tim Greenwood answers a reader’s question on their semi-auto’s cartridge cycling speed

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A cartridge reborn

Tim Woodhouse continues his series, recounting the history of the 21-gram load

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Pet’s World

Towards the end of last year I found myself tangled up with problems surrounding my neck and jaw and the diagnosis suggested it was most likely to have been a direct result of recoil. Contrary to my family and non-shooting

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Do back-bored guns shoot faster?

Many modern clay guns promise higher velocity thanks to back-bored barrels – but does it work? Nick Wilson investigates

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New system for Recoil

Engineers at Recoil Systems have come up with a new fully adjustable recoil pad system, after their ISIS Green Recoil Pad proved a big hit.

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All new for Eley clay range

Eley Hawk has turned its eye on its award-winning clay cartridge range, hot on the heels of the relaunch of its entire game range last year, which was hailed a huge success. All of its new clay range is set

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