eye dominance

Tips on improving vision for clay shooting

Vision is fundamental to good shooting, and Ed Lyons explains how you can improve your performance with a little expert help. One of the most common questions I was asked during the lockdown period is “what can I do to improve

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Christmas gifts for shooters

It’s that time of year to wrap up warm, light the fire and worry that you still haven’t figured out what to get your loved ones this Christmas. Fear not, the elves at Clay Shooting magazine have been hard at

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Solutions for eye dominance problems

Lloyd Pattison takes a look at the solutions on offer for eye-dominance problems Your ideas about eye dominance will be a product of whether you have ever suffered from a disagreement between your dominant hand and your dominant eye. I’m

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Richard Atkins has one eye on the future

Richard Atkins takes a close look at an enigmatic new device to assist shooters: the SP As the numbers taking up shooting sports, and clay target shooting in particular, continue to increase, so the incidence of one of the most

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Beady eye

Clay Shooting teams up with Steve Lovatt to field test eye dominance products and see if they actually work

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Out soon: Clay Shooting January issue

The January 2014 issue of Clay Shooting will be coming to a newsagent’s near you soon!

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Tint makes the targets stand out

At my last test, I was told that I could not have prescription shooting glasses as my prescription is too high. I am +9.00 with 3D of astigmatism in each eye. What would you suggest?

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Eye surgery has affected my performance

I am a fairly new shooter. I really don’t like glasses so I had Lasik eye surgery to correct my vision – now I read with my left eye and use my right eye for distance

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The right contacts

Q I’m 55 years old, have been wearing glasses for 20 years and have always shot in prescription shooting glasses. However, I have just had a free trial with daily disposable contact lenses and WOW – I’m shooting better and getting the scores to prove it. The contacts are comfortable and user friendly, however, I think my vision is more pin-sharp in glasses, yet my scores have improved. Why is this?

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Sighting the tool

Q I was told at my last eye test that I have 20/20 vision in both eyes. I am longsighted by about +1.75 dioptres but was told I don’t need glasses yet, which I was pleased about. However, I have

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