eye dominance

Deal with dominance

Lloyd Pattison takes a look at the solutions on offer for eye-dominance problems Your ideas about eye dominance will be a product of whether you have ever suffered from a disagreement between your dominant hand and your dominant eye. I’m

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Richard Atkins has one eye on the future

Richard Atkins takes a close look at an enigmatic new device to assist shooters: the SP As the numbers taking up shooting sports, and clay target shooting in particular, continue to increase, so the incidence of one of the most

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Beady eye

Clay Shooting teams up with Steve Lovatt to field test eye dominance products and see if they actually work

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Out soon: Clay Shooting January issue

The January 2014 issue of Clay Shooting will be coming to a newsagent’s near you soon!

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Tint makes the targets stand out

At my last test, I was told that I could not have prescription shooting glasses as my prescription is too high. I am +9.00 with 3D of astigmatism in each eye. What would you suggest?

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Eye surgery has affected my performance

I am a fairly new shooter. I really don’t like glasses so I had Lasik eye surgery to correct my vision – now I read with my left eye and use my right eye for distance

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The right contacts

Q I’m 55 years old, have been wearing glasses for 20 years and have always shot in prescription shooting glasses. However, I have just had a free trial with daily disposable contact lenses and WOW – I’m shooting better and getting the scores to prove it. The contacts are comfortable and user friendly, however, I think my vision is more pin-sharp in glasses, yet my scores have improved. Why is this?

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Sighting the tool

Q I was told at my last eye test that I have 20/20 vision in both eyes. I am longsighted by about +1.75 dioptres but was told I don’t need glasses yet, which I was pleased about. However, I have

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