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Q I’m 55 years old, have been wearing glasses for 20 years and have always shot in prescription shooting glasses. However, I have just had a free trial with daily disposable contact lenses and WOW – I’m shooting better and getting the scores to prove it. The contacts are comfortable and user friendly, however, I think my vision is more pin-sharp in glasses, yet my scores have improved. Why is this?

Ant Newman, by email

A Without physically assessing your eyes, it is impossible to say exactly why this is happening; the following are a few suggestions that may be near the mark.

You may be picking-up the target quicker: generally, a well fitting contact lens can give enhanced distortion-free peripheral vision compared to a spectacle – this effect is multiplied in higher prescriptions.

There may be less distracting glare – an uncoated spectacle lens typically loses eight per cent of the incident light from reflections.

You may have a latent eye dominance issue – it is possible that by having slightly WORSE vision in the eye not being aligned to the rib, helps with consistency.

There are many reasons why you could be shooting better in your contact lenses, but the important thing is that you have chanced upon something that is working for you! Ed Lyons

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  1. I am 65 year old right handed,right eye dominant shooter and i shoot with both eyes open.I mainly shoot skeet and sporting.I have been having difficulty with vision,must shut left eye get led right.Both eyes open led the same but miss,can you say why.Thanks Peter Buckland.

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