Tint makes the targets stand out

Q I have been shooting for some years now using my regular glasses. I have looked at some of my friends tints and it really helps to make the targets stand out, especially orange clays. At my last test, I was told that I could not have prescription shooting glasses as my prescription is too high. I am +9.00 with 3D of astigmatism in each eye. What would you suggest?
Kevin Stearman, Wakefield

A Your prescription certainly is complicated and will require much care regarding centration when being made.

However, there are options: perhaps the best option would be the Randolph Ranger Sporter frame, which can be directly glazed and have clip-on tints
as required.

A Pilla (HiDef) Panther or Puma Post would also work with the insert system but extra calculations may be needed.
I would recommend the German lens specialists Rupp Und Hubrach for each option as sports lens technology is its forte.
Please contact me if you require further information. Ed Lyons

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