Chris Miles

Instructor training success

Atkin Grant & Lang Shooting School hosts an APSI coaching programme

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Trigger happy

Are you messing up your shots at the last minute with poor trigger technique? Let Chris Miles put you right

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Right From Left

Q I am a right-handed shooter and right eye dominant. I shoot a Browning 525 Sporter which fits me fine, but I have problems with left-to-right crossers when shooting Skeet and Sporting. Anything from right-to-left I find quite easy, but left-to-right is very difficult. I seem to have to give left-to-right birds much more lead. Any advice please?

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Fit over fashion

Q I’ve just applied for my shotgun licence and I’m in a bit of a dilemma. I’ve been to my local gun shop to put a deposit on my first gun and they showed me three guns in my price range. One

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Padding Problems

Q I recently acquired a Browning B2G that I want to shoot both game and Sporting clays with. However, although the stock is comfortable for length, my face is far too high on the top of the stock so I

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