Browning B525

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Let us know if you have any questions, we have the experts to answer them. Also, if you want to get in touch, send your questions for our panel to Young shot Q: I have recently been taking my

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Digweed Dazzles at Open Day

George Digweed pulled out all the stops at Just Cartridges‘ phenomenal Open Day to celebrate their new premises. Over 350 customers gathered to watch the many-time World Champion shoot from the hip during his masterclass, while Chris Childerhouse provided expert

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Right From Left

Q I am a right-handed shooter and right eye dominant. I shoot a Browning 525 Sporter which fits me fine, but I have problems with left-to-right crossers when shooting Skeet and Sporting. Anything from right-to-left I find quite easy, but left-to-right is very difficult. I seem to have to give left-to-right birds much more lead. Any advice please?

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Mis-firing pins are easily solved

Last year I bought a Browning 325 Sporter secondhand as a gun to start both clay and rough shooting with. Shortly after I bought it, the gun would not fire the bottom barrel and then sometimes the top.

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