Tim Greenwood

Tim Greenwood on gun maintenance

Gun maintenance may not be the most glamorous part of shooting, but it is perhaps the most important. Follow Tim Greenwood’s maintenance routine Let’s start with the muzzle – do you have multi-chokes fitted? If so, when did you last

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Honest Work

Is repair work misleading? Not if it’s done properly, says Tim Greenwood. The pictures on this page may give you a touch of Déjà vu – yes, they are the same two that appeared in last month’s article, which was

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Ask the expert: Keeping clean

Tim Greenwood answers questions relating to unusual gun and barrel cleaning products

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What stock finish is best?

Q            I am really confused over stock finishes: lots of my friends talk about the finish on their stocks, most say that an oil finish is best, others say a varnish or lacquer. I was told when I bought my

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Rock the synthetic stock

I have recently bought a Benelli M2 synthetic. I am right-handed but have a left master eye. I shoot left-handed. With Benelli’s bits and pieces my gun fits well, I prefer a 50-50 pattern. The problem I have is the heel sits about 25-30cm above my shoulder joint, and consequently the toe goes into the wrong part of my shoulder pad and bruises it, for three to four days after shooting, even with 24gram loads

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Mis-firing pins are easily solved

Last year I bought a Browning 325 Sporter secondhand as a gun to start both clay and rough shooting with. Shortly after I bought it, the gun would not fire the bottom barrel and then sometimes the top.

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Fitting side-by-side

Q I have recently bought my first side-by-side shotgun – a 12g Baker from Chris Potter’s and intend to use it for clays and game. I have a shoe on the gun to help with better fit but I am 6ft3” and this is not working out brilliantly as I seem to need to hold it very high on my shoulder.

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