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Q I have recently bought a Benelli M2 synthetic. I am right-handed but have a left master eye. I shoot left-handed. With Benelli’s bits and pieces my gun fits well, I prefer a 50-50 pattern. The problem I have is the heel sits about 25-30cm above my shoulder joint, and consequently the toe goes into the wrong part of my shoulder pad and bruises it, for three to four days after shooting, even with 24gram loads. I have a second Benelli gel re-coil pad (LH) that is 10mm bigger than the standard pad and makes the stock about 10mm too long. Could this entire pad be converted to a Monte Carlo and reduced by at least 10mm to shorten the length of the stock.
 A.J. Neville, by email

A Working with any gun with a synthetic stock can be a problem, as they tend to be hollow and quite flexible.

I have in the past managed to get over this by injecting the stock with the hardening foam used by builders for securing windows, making sure the stock bolt is kept clear of the foam, and before the foam fully hardens, putting threaded inserts into the foam in the correct position to enable a pad or plate to be attached. Sometimes you do get lucky and the existing securing holes line up for what is needed, but not very often.

I would need to examine the gun before giving you a definitive answer. Alternatively, wooden blocks can be bonded with the correct glue to the interior of the stock to mate with whatever fixings are required.

As to re-using or turning your spare pad into a Monte Carlo-type set up, I think this at best would look like a “bodge-up” at worst, downright awful. Ppersonally I would suggest fitting a Jones Adjuster-style plate to the gun with a new pad all profiled correctly to the stock.

The Benelli is not a cheap gun and in my opinion deserves having the job done properly. Once fitted correctly, I don’t feel the adjustable plate and pad will look out of place on this type of gun.

Please let me know if you would like further help or advice on this matter.Tim Greenwood

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