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Q I am a right-handed shooter and right eye dominant. I shoot a Browning 525 Sporter which fits me fine, but I have problems with left-to-right crossers when shooting Skeet and Sporting. Anything from right-to-left I find quite easy, but left-to-right is very difficult. I seem to have to give left-to-right birds much more lead. Any advice please?

Duncan Turner, by email

A If your master eye and gunfit are correct then it is your technique that needs to be examined.

It is usually easier for a right-handed shooter to shoot right-to-left crossing targets because the gun is moving across the face and body and everything can turn smoothly, especially if the feet are correctly facing towards the expected ‘kill point’.

When the right-handed shooter takes a left-to-right crossing target, the gun is being pushed away from the face and there is a natural reduction in the amount of swing produced. This causes either the body, arms or gun to stop swinging before the shot is completed, or as the body stops rotating, the arms keep moving the gun and produce a rainbow effect taking the gun beneath the target.

If this is the cause of your problem, then it may be helped by turning the feet a little further round to the right, past the expected ‘kill point’.

Not only will this allow further rotation through the target but also the timing of the shot should be improved. Chris Miles

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