Losing sleep over losing scores?

Without proper rest, you might not be fulfilling your potential in competition – Ethan Lowry explains the effects of a poor sleep pattern

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Phil Coley suggests an interesting way to become more aware of your shooting movements

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Phil Coley: Anxiety

You know when you get to a stand you suddenly get sweaty palms, your heart rate increases and you don’t want to lose? It’s the fear of failure. Almost all have experienced it. The fear of failure creeps up on

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Rest your mind

Q What should I do between rounds of shooting?

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Training like a pro

Phil Coley plans your season’s training to make sure you hit the high scores

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Focus on one shot at a time

I can keep my concentration for about 18 shots during a round, then I seem to lose it and miss the next three to four targets altogether. How can I stop this happening?

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Trouble with teal

Q I have been struggling with all types of teal targets. One day I can hit them, another day I miss the same target four times in a row. Some good shooters have given me tips and I had a lesson just for teal. I hit a few more but after a week or two I’m right back to missing more than I hit. Can you help?

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No more excuses

Q My friend is always making excuses when he shoots badly or misses targets. He says things like: “I’m tired, I didn’t sleep much last night” or “I am not in the mood to shoot today” or “I had a busy week at work and I am still thinking about it”. It is very annoying as I know he can shoot better than he is doing. What can I do to help him?

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Step it up, don’t give it up

Q I am disappointed with myself as, several times in the past season I realised I have given up during a shoot. It happens when I am uncomfortable – too hot or too cold – or when I think I have missed too many to win anything. I don’t want to do this: can you suggest something to help?

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Centered on winning

Q I have heard about centering and how it helps with concentration. What is it and what can it do for my shooting?

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