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As easy as 1, 2, 3

Mike Yardley continues his series on Positive Shooting II Last month we looked at the background to my Positive Shooting System and something of its development and history. This month, we get on with the practical business of turning you

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Dealing with anxiety

Phil Coley explains how centering can help steady the nerves before that all important shot So far we have covered a number of areas within the spectrum of sports science and in particular sports psychology. The feedback and response from

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Get yourself centered

    Q.  I have heard about centering and how it helps with concentration. Can you explain this? Trevor Michaels, Lancashire   A. Centering is a way of focusing the mind and body to be ready to work at the

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Positive Shooting II

  Mike Yardley begins a series on his new and improved Positive Shooting technique More than 20 years ago I started to develop my Positive Shooting System. I was a really keen competitive clay shot – it would be no

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Phil Coley: Anxiety

You know when you get to a stand you suddenly get sweaty palms, your heart rate increases and you don’t want to lose? It’s the fear of failure. Almost all have experienced it. The fear of failure creeps up on

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Daydream to shoot better

Sports Psychologist Phil Coley is daydreaming our scores up. Follow his tips for some out of hours training Remember the days at school when you looked out of the window and daydreamed to the point that your teacher shouted at

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