Focus on one shot at a time

Q I can keep my concentration for about 18 shots during a round, then I seem to lose it and miss the next three to four targets altogether. How can I stop this happening?
Charles Gregory, Cambridge

A You need a perfectly disciplined one shot routine, which will put you in the actual moment of taking your next one shot.

You should write down what actions you take when you are on your stand and taking your shot. Be precise about what you are writing down, from putting the cartridges into your gun, your breathing and relaxation, mounting the gun, setting your eyes, and making sure they are ready, calling for the target, making sure you allow your eyes to actually see it (not just moving on the flash) then moving the body and gun smoothly and quickly to the target, pulling the trigger and blowing the clay to pieces, ejecting the cartridge and waiting to move onto the next stand.

This will be your basic routine. It will keep you focused and not thinking about the misses or the good score that you are putting in. You must be focused only in the moment for the next shot, and practise this to perfection.

Remember: perfect practice produces perfect performance.

When the person before you is shooting, or if you are taking your turn alone, you must stick to your written routine. When you concentrate on this perfectly disciplined one shot routine it keeps you totally focused on the next one shot, not in the future or in the past, only in the moment. Lesley Goddard

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