Christmas time – shooting kit and wine

08Mandel chokes
Mandel makes choke tubes for manufacturers of volume production guns as well as the more obscure brands. Beretta and Browning are among the most popular, but Fausti and Sarasqueta shotguns are also catered for across a range of constrictions – Cylinder to Skeet.
From £36
01914 233151



CF Digital05
The micro electronics in these custom-fit units are embedded in soft silicone to give maximum protection against shock and water. They have a programme for every type of shooting so you can get the best protection no matter what situation you’re in.
01926 640786



12Starkey’s Pilla
Starkey Headsets has a great offer on heading into Christmas. If you buy one frame and one lens kit you could save 30 per cent of the standard retail price. Lenses suited to the winter – 60 HCP, 62 HCW, 69 MWN, 76HC, 94HC – are available at Starkey’s.
01273 384952



TAH 85 Pro02
This robust machine is designed for individual use, or while shooting with friends, and throws four types of clays, five of which can be in the air at once. It can be used from Trap disciplines like DTL and ABT, and more. Buy now and you could get one free pallet of 8,250 clays.
£1,645 + VAT + delivery
01949 843777



Sade-shoot-2hoot Gear
This great British clothing manufacturer launched its products this year. There is a wide range of products available dedicated to the clay shooters’ requirements. There are protective gunslips, t-shirts, bespoke vests and much more. And you can now buy gift vouchers.
From £25
07720 255663



Evolution Switch14
Three-lens interchangeable set comes with grey, yellow and orange lenses on a rimless frame. The glasses are hydrophobic and oleophobic to repel water, dusk, oil and fingerprints. With the voucher code CSMAG you can get 20 per cent off and a cap worth £7.45.
£31.96 with CSMAG code
01256 472064



15WJ Bowman
The Bowman Single Stack Mini Game trailer bridges the gap between a single trap and a full game trailer, using two Supermatch One traps, which can be operated in a stationary position or oscillate in unison. The Mini Game trailer can have up to 12 clays in the air.
Christmas offer £1,850 + VAT
01777 870243



06VIP Sporting
Give your loved one the VIP treatment this Christmas with Eley Hawk’s high-level cartridges, which are just at home on the FITASC layouts as they are on the Sporting stands thanks to components and powders that ensure smooth acceleration and higher speeds.
£243.50 per 1,000
01213 523277



17bPilla Executive
Every authorised premier Pilla reseller will be offering a promotion for the Executive X8 – 50 per cent off with every three-lens kit puchased in November and December. The company is also introducing the 99AR lens that can be used in all Panther and Outlaw.
001 20389 43265



ProFlex Digital 1e10
Puretone has introduced the new digital 1e, which gives customers the option of custom-made electronic hearing protection at a much lower price. It features a battery and an optimised shooting programme. The push-button operates a four-step volume control.
01634 719427



Sabre 30sabre-30-3
This hard case is designed to offer the highest degree of protection for single shotguns. The heavy-duty design is manufactured from rugged, durable ABS engineering resin and features an airtight and waterproof seal. It is resistant to a wide array of damage threats.
01914 923366



Clay Shooting magazinecsm103-cover-page_001
Everybody’s favourite magazine is only getting better. Under new ownership, this four-weekly title has assistance from elite magazine publishers while still being run by experts within the world of shooting that know what shooters need – and more subscription offers than ever.
From £6
03448 482852



Laporte polo03
For fans of shooting, and fans of Laporte or the social media app WeShoot, this light polo shirt is the perfect stocking filler gift. It can act as a main shooting t-shirt in the summer or an extra layer in the winter months and comes with a buttoned neckline with a collar.
01949 843777

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