Lead shot

Voting shelved on Europe-wide lead shot ban

In a dramatic intervention by the Czech Republic the European Commission was forced to drop a vote by EU member state representatives on illogical and premature proposals that could have banned the use and possession of lead shot across huge

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EU considers lead shot ban

A new European initiative could lead to a complete ban on lead shot for clay shooting as well as game. Lead shot is already banned for shooting ducks and geese in England and Wales, and from use over wetlands in

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Shot Drop

When a shotgun cartridge is fired and the shot pellets leave the muzzle of the gun they will remain in flight for the relatively short time that it takes the forces of gravity to bring them back down to the

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Club chief vows to strip off to prove Steel point

A gun club director has vowed to strip off to prove steel pellets pose no more risk of ricochet than lead.

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