Vintage Guns Day at South Worcester Shooting Ground

The Perrins Guns Club is hosting and open day on Saturday 11 June at South Worcester Shooting Ground to display vintage guns.

Holland Holland

Along with work from John Perrins & Sons Master Gunmakers, there will be shotguns from Purdey, Rigby, Holland & Holland, Thomas Hordley and others.

Experts such as David Baker, Lew Potter and Mark Crudginton will provide opinion and value owners’ guns and there will be black powder shooting, some clay stands open, and those interested in fly fishing can learn how to cast.

Call ahead if you plan to bring a gun for valuing. Call John Clements on 01684 310605.

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One comment on “Vintage Guns Day at South Worcester Shooting Ground
  1. Tony Morris says:

    Hi John,
    I am sorry but I only just saw this about needing to call ahead if bringing a gun along to your Perrins day.
    I will be bring a Beckwith percussion side by side in the hope you and your team will have time to look at it for me but if you are already over subscribed I will understand and it will not be a problem.
    I have not attended a Perrins day in the past so think it will be interesting and I am bringing with me a chap who regularly uses a percussion shotgun albeit a modern one.
    Tony Morris.

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