Shooter hailed ‘Woman of the Future’

Olympic Trap shooter and British Shooting coach Georgina Roberts has won a ‘Women of the Future’ award for her contribution to sports.

Read Georgina’s first Clay Shooting magazine column will be available soon, so keep yourself updated!

Georgina, 22 from North Wales, shoots OT for Wales and GB, coaches for British Shooting, sits on the board of the Welsh Clay Target Shooting Association and is an ambassador for sports charity The Mintridge Foundation. She is also a BASC member and has attended many of their Young Shots days.

“I didn’t expect to be shortlisted for the award, let alone win it,” says Georgina. “It’s been a rollercoaster year, so this is the perfect way to top it off. The whole experience has been so inspirational, especially being in a category with so many amazing women who have accomplished so much.”

She adds: “I do a lot as a coach, as part of British Shooting and my own coaching business, but a lot of what I do is behind the scenes. Having this recognition for my contribution to shooting means the world to me.”

Georgina says that when she is not shooting she has a full-time job as a publisher for MoneySuperMarket. In 2019 she took some time off competing to focus on her family, but she is now back training and looking forward to competing again. 

This year she has still been able to contribute to the sport in various ways, such as sitting on the board of the WCTSA, starting her own coaching business and representing The Mintridge Foundation as an ambassador.

Georgina used to go beating on a few local shoots when she was younger, and started shooting a little over five years ago. She shot English Skeet for a year before switching to OT.  

She comments: “Katie Cowell inspired me to start shooting competitively. Before her, I would never have known that there was more to shooting that sporting and game.

I’m also very lucky to have spent time with Martin Barker at Nuthampstead Shooting Ground. From him I learnt many life lessons beyond just the technical knowledge, for which I am so very grateful.”

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