Scouts and guides try clay shooting at Jamboree

More than 7,000 young people saw clay shooting in action during the Essex International Jamboree this month.


Jamboree chiefs Karen Packer and Paul Walker joined the 1,100 Scouts and Girlguides shown how to shoot by one of BASC’s 30 trained coaches on the third day of the week-long event.

After breaking clays for the first time ever, Karen declared that the shooting was proving one of the highlights of the Jamboree, which has brought together young people from more than 30 countries.

“The feedback from the youngsters has been amazing,” she said. “The kids will go back to school in September full of excitement because they have tried shooting. It is fantastic.”

Peter Marshall, BASC’s best practice development officer, said: “It has been a lot of hard work for all involved, but it’s worth it when you see the smile on a youngster’s face after hitting a clay for the first time.

“BASC was keen from the outset to get involved in an event that showcases all that is positive about shooting. But it would not have been possible without the backing of our sponsors Eley, Browning and Promatic. Their support has been humbling. They have been with us all the way.”

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