Amber gives green light to Jamboree

This month’s Essex International Jamboree could be the place to be for youngsters wishing to emulate the success of international shooter Amber Hill – so says the Olympiad herself.

09_Amber HillThe guiding and scouting event is expected to draw 7,000 youngsters from all over the world, with clay shooting sessions, provided by BASC, being one of the activities available as part of the gathering.

Amber, 18, who began shooting aged 10, will miss the Jamboree due to being in Rio for the 2016 Olympics, but spoke of the importance of events such as this in introducing young people into the sport: “This opportunity to try shooting is really fantastic. I hope the scouts and guides enjoy clay shooting as much as I do. It has taken me all over the world.

“To hear that over 7000 scouts and guides are going to get the opportunity to try this sport is really exciting. Events such as this mean so much for the future of the sport. Who knows, we may even get to see an Olympic champion come from this.”

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