It’s official – registered clay shoots are back

PSA Registered competitions are up and running at shooting grounds in England, complying with Covid-19 regulations to minimise any risks.

John Bidwell, armed with sanitiser, welcomes shooters back to High Lodge

The Clay Shooting Company and Podimore were among the first to run Registered shoots in early June, closely followed by EJ Churchill and others.

Clay shooting had recommenced in England on 14 May after the CPSA and other shooting organisations got the assurances they needed from government and police, as well as confirmation from their insurers that members would be fully insured when shooting.

The association issued comprehensive guidance on how to comply with Covid-19 regulations and advice, with a document entitled ‘Shoot Safe, Stay Safe’. Grounds in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland had to
wait for their restrictions to be lifted.

Shooting was limited to no more than two people, and coaching and introductory sessions for beginners were not possible due to the social distancing rules in force.

The Clay Shooting Company trialled a system at Westfield SG for running a competition with shooters moving around the course in pairs, starting at Stand 1.

The CPSA’s Nicola Heron and Iain Parker tried it out on 24 May, with Nicola commenting “Iain Parker and I both enjoyed testing this system of pairs, and it was also a big thumbs up from all the shooters that I spoke to after they had finished the course. I loved the fact that there were no queues. It was all very smooth.”

Then restrictions were relaxed to allow groups up to six people – making it possible to run Registered shoots again from 1 June. With Covid-19 regulations still in place, the CPSA issued updated guidance for grounds and shooters.

For disciplines shot on fixed layouts such as DTL, OT, English and Olympic Skeet, the recommendations say squads should consist of up to five shooters plus the referee, and shooters must be able to maintain at least 2 metres distance when rotating around the layout. Waiting squads should be outside the layout at a designated waiting area and observing social distancing rules.

For English and FITASC Sporting, shoots must be pre-booked in squads of five going round with a caddy/referee, or at each stand. Squads will start on stand 1 and shoot the course in order.

Score cards are handled by the caddy/referee, or the stand referee. Social distancing of 2 metres, hygiene and biosecurity measures must be followed at all times.

Guidance will be updated as official restrictions are changed. For the latest information see, and check with the ground/organiser before travelling to any shoot. 

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