Eley Hawk introduces the 1st Select clay cartridge

This weekend, Viking Arms will host a trade event where Eley Hawk is planning to launch two new cartridges: one of them being the 1st Select competition load.

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The cartridge will have a 12mm brass head for smooth ejection, and a white, 67mm case with gold lettering. The six-star crimp closure and Maxam powders will ensure clean burning and firing in fibre and plastic wads.

1st Select will be available in the following specifications:

28 gram, 2 per cent antimony lead shot in 7, 7.5, 8, 9

24 gram, 2 per cent antimony lead shot in 7, 7.5, 8, 9

21 gram, 2 per cent antimony lead shot in 7.5, 8, 9

Eley Hawk’s David Thompson said: “This is a new exciting product built to our exacting specifications and engineered to provide an excellent balance between speed, recoil and clay-breaking power.”

The company will also launch the Pigeon Selection cartridge.

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16 comments on “Eley Hawk introduces the 1st Select clay cartridge
  1. Steve says:

    Brand new? Pfffft….same rubbish First, different name. Not fooling anyone Eley!
    I stick with Gamebore thank you. Steve
    PS, pigeon selection?? I will stick to DTL selection. ROTFL

  2. Phil Roberts says:

    I would be interested to know how close the fibre wads are to plastic wads in terms of speed. At hte moment I am trying to find a cartridge with similar speed so that I can switch from fibre to plastic depending on the ground rules.


  3. Rod says:

    I have recently been testing the 28g 7.5 shot. I have put just over 250 through 3 guns, including a Benelli Supersport and a DT10 Beretta. I find it very soft on recoil with a quick crisp discharge sensation, rather like a decent 24g shell such as the ELEY Blues. It is certainly clean burning too. Most importantly it also recycled the Benelli flawlessly. If anything they seem a little more dense in the core than my present cartridge, so he kills are good if you’re on the target. Suffice it to say I have just purchased another 1,000 for this month.

  4. Eley was a gud shell I got them all the time you have goan down hill so not a lot hove the lads believe in them like I say was a good shell les

  5. Jack Bennett says:

    Only landed on these carts by chance on my way to Humberside this morning called off at my local gun shop for a slab, i had tried Eley 1st before and had no joy with my Benelli supersport as they jammed every other round, as the guy pointed out they where new and meant to be really good for the money I took 250 to give them a go, I fired 150 off today without fault and not many misses my dad was using his supersport with blues and Olympic it didn’t take him long to head back to the car and use what was left, I will be purchasing 1000 very soon and trying the pigeon version in tr next week or so once my farmer friends have ploughed there stubble, having tried to find a cartridge that will cycle flawlessly these are the first slab I’ve shot and not had 1 stoppage any body with a semi auto who suffers a lot of jams I advise you try these… I used 28g 7.5 67mm

  6. Gerry Reynolds says:

    Used to use firsts when they had black casing stopped using them when they changed to red casing.Had few too many with damage to brass casing and around primer,stopped using then switched to fiocchi top 1 no damaged ones from them also recoiled less .Would like to know if eley changed powder in red case seemed to recoil more..?Anyhow tried slab of 28 gram first select in fibre and have to say I was pleasantly surprised, didn’t think they would actually change the shell just fob us off with usual bull.Well they actually have , get good looking shell that actually works lower recoil excellent kills. When you get black balls of powder using fibres you know they revamped them .Big well done to Eley .Haven’t tried 28 gram plastic yet,oh by the way put selects against game bore velocity in fibre , select was winner.

  7. Ian cottom says:

    I have used eley first before and they I have to say rubbish , however I was given some first select to try, 28g fibre, these are a very good Cart, great in my semi.
    First time in years I can say well done eley


  8. Chris Hull Hull says:

    Tried 1st was not impressed to say the leased quality was far from good Loose primers some even had damaged brass unless quality has been improved I won’t be using. this brand again switched to victory not had a problem only problem is no one stocks them in Sheffield

  9. John Russell says:

    I’ve been using Fiocchi Trap black for years, but a friend gave me a box of the new Eley 1st 7.5 28g.
    I was amazed at the lack of recoil and the smooth hard hitting result,( balls of dust).

    After trying a further 250 (at my expense), I have now purchased 3,000 to replace my previous brand.
    Well done Eley, a superb cartridge at a very affordable price.

  10. Gerry reynolds says:

    Shot 150 select 28 gram plastics today have to say that they preformed as antisipated smooth but with good power low recoil what I regard as a a really nice shell that is a pleasure to shoot.Pattens must be good because really smashed the clays ,dusted some of them.Not much difference between kills in fibre or plastics same with speed and recoil .good cartridge if you need both types . Next review eley golds 300 come on Mr Thompson let’s have few boxes on the house for some honest reviews .One complaint though 1 misfire will be monitoring these now. …stay army strong…

  11. GLEN says:

    love these shells as very universal.
    can use these in my semi auto or my 130 year old hammergun
    as they can be used in 2.5″ chambers
    very low recoil and good clean powder .
    Great stuff from ELEY as always.

  12. Stewart Chester says:

    John Coppin recommended these as a good value cartridge for practice so I bought 500 off him.
    Tried them in 8s plastic at the weekend and they do exactly what it says on the box, smooth to shoot and excellent kills at various ranges and targets!
    Very pleased with them will certainly buy some more. Only gripe, which is very minor, wish they were available in 70mm case.

  13. Paul says:

    I used Eely first select cartridges when I first started shooting and found they were very messy in the barrel
    I found the 1st Select were not good at all
    The game bore black gold are fantastic and you would notice the difference straight away

  14. Mike doran says:

    Just . bought 250 today 1st select..28 grm fibre will try out this Sunday.

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