Richard Atkins tests the William Powell Perdix ‘crossover’ shotgun

trend seems to be emerging in the shotgun market with what I loosely term crossover guns. These are guns made with a view to being used for more than one purpose, such as game and clay shooting. It’s nothing new, as people have taken game guns clay shooting and vice versa for years, but now, a little more thought is being applied to offer guns suited to both roles a little better.


Those who take one discipline seriously will want a gun more tailored but, with budgets tight, for many with less serious intentions, one gun sufficiently competent in both spheres has merit. Shooters have the advantage of buying one new gun of higher grade instead of two second-hand or more basic models set up for specific jobs.

The Perdix is from the established English gunmaker William Powell. It embodies another concept seeing something of a revival, where a gun is largely manufactured abroad based on specifications, plus additional hand finishing at home.


William Powell has worked with Batista Rizzini in Italy on its joint project to produce good quality, attractive guns with sufficiently English features to set them apart from similar models, yet based on proven designs and production methods, that will enable them to sell at prices otherwise not viable in any English-made guns.

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