All new for Eley clay range

Eley Hawk has turned its eye on its award-winning clay cartridge range, hot on the heels of the relaunch of its entire game range last year, which was hailed a huge success.
All of its new clay range is set for a boost, with new packaging, new cases and high specification powders, which are exclusive to Eley and ensure the highest consistency and performance across the range, which Eley believes makes them second to none both for value and performance.
A host of new products are also being added to the range, including the Eley Corporate 21g SLR; a new 70mm case for the VIP Sporting fibre with improved ballistics and performance; the CT Twenty 21g Fibre and New Trap .410 plastic wad cartridge especially for clay shooters.
The Eley Corporate 21g Super Low Recoil has already had the thumbs up from major shooting grounds and the likes of Clay Shooting Skeet coach Dave Beardsmore. The new .410 cartridge specially designed for clay shooters in both 2 ½” and 3” case lengths, features a new high performance case, a high quality plastic wad and crimped closure. They have been carefully developed using new components to give outstanding patterns and performance on clays in what is an increasingly
popular calibre.
Eley Hawk’s UK commercial manager David Scott said: “With new packaging to co-ordinate the new clay range, new cases and printing colours and new products coupled with competitive pricing and outstanding performance, we believe these will prove a great success with both serious competition and club shooters alike”.

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