BASC fights back against online defamation


Social media – we are using it more and more, but increasingly we are seeing frankly nasty things being posted, sometimes with devastating effects. BASC is leading the fight against online defamation.

We’re heading into interesting times after a recent announcement that Ofcom, the communications regulator, will be asked by government to add social media to its brief.

This is a welcome move. For too long, Facebook and Twitter have been seemingly untouchable, with offensive and defamatory content rife across both platforms. BASC has been the target of such content on many occasions and we’ve had little real success in getting the social media companies to police this content.

Shooting is under intense pressure from all sides. Across the board we are fighting potentially damaging legislation being imposed on the back of the reviews into deer and grouse management; while at the same time trying to build cross-party political support for shooting in the face of ever-more concerted efforts from the anti-shooting lobby to undermine us. It is important BASC stands strong to challenge misinformation whenever and wherever it appears.

In a sense, our actions with the lawyers have let Twitter off the hook. It’s been a fortnight – and counting – and we still await a response from the social media giant; They either can’t cope with the volume or don’t care. To that end, Ofcom’s involvement can’t come quick enough.

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