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BASC’s ST-2 Shooting Simulator is a fantastic training tool that lets you see how you address the target, where your shot goes, and helps you be a better shot.

The ST-2 shooting simulator from Marksman Training Systems is the first shooting simulator for shotgun and rifle shooting designed specifically for demanding users, such as shooting instructors who give professional shooting advice. Anyone, whether new to or experienced in shotgun or rifle shooting, can use the simulator to improve his or her shooting skills and enjoyment of the sport.

Shotgun shooting, whether it is at clays or live quarry, differs from many sports in that sometimes it is difficult to know exactly what happened when you miss. You know you missed, but was it due to incorrect mounting, stopping the swing, or are you misjudging range or speed of the target? When using a rifle, whether out stalking or controlling pests, even if you can see the hit position, the problems are very much the same, particularly when shooting at moving targets.

The simulator can be used with most shotguns and rifles. The camera sensor that registers gun movements and shooting direction can be easily attached to the barrel of your own gun. The shooting direction is calibrated by a single shot at a calibration target. The shooting scenarios include moving and fixed targets. Starting position, trajectory, and speed of the targets are parameters that can be altered by the user, creating a wide variety of scenarios to practise on. Hit position and the effectiveness of the shot are evaluated according to all contributing factors: ammunition load and weight, range, target size, trajectory and speed.

The ST2 will be at several events that BASC will be attending, but your club can hire it too.

For more information see: https://basc.org.uk/training-and-education/basc-training-courses/bascs-st-2-shooting-simulator/


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