Mark Marshall wins the Beretta World 2015 at West Midlands Shooting Ground

EJ Churchill’s head coach, Mark Marshall, took the top prize at West Midlands Shooting Ground last weekend for the Beretta World Sporting Championship.


Mark hit 113 in the main competition and was joined in a six-man final shoot-off by the top two scorers from each day: Steve Scott Smith with 111 and Steve Brightwell on 112 from Friday, 112 from Adam Cork and 116 from defending champion John Lee on Saturday, and Brett Winstanley on 113 on Sunday.

IMG_0195From 30 testing targets, Mark missed nine and his closest rivals Adam and Brett lost 11 and 13, respectively. While John started off well and looked to be in a good position to win back-to-back Beretta Worlds, he struggled on the final few stands.

The top Colt was Taylor Hedgecock on 112, followed by Henry Young and Ronnie Green. In the Juniors category, Aaron Harvey beat William Baughan and Josh Keeble for the High Gun. The Ladies competition saw Cheryl Hall return to the Beretta World and finish 10 targets ahead of her nearest rival, while Steve Brightwell’s final-reaching 112 placed him in the lead of Veterans.



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