CENS upgrades hearing protection for wet weather conditions

On those rainier shooting afternoons where nothing has gone right and targets have proved elusive, the last thing you need to be concerned about it your health when you get wet and cold.

watershield CENS ProFlex Zebra1To cross one worry off your list, CENS has upgraded all its standard hearing protection devices at no extra cost to ensure the level of rain that enters your ears is reduced by between three and five times.

The products are using an amorphous carbon polymer, bio-compatible coating called Water Shield, which is approximately 1/2000th the thickness of a human hair and invisible to the naked eye.

The team at CENS says that the Water Shield also improves reliability, makes the products more hygienic and increases your device’s life.

If you order yours now you can pick them up at the CLA Game Fair. Visit www.censdigital.com to find your local dealer.

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