Finalists for the Clay Shooting Handicap Classic at Royal Berkshire Shooting School announced

Sixty individuals have received invites to the Clay Shooting Handicap Classic at Royal Berkshire Shooting School on 6 May.


Ricky McArthur is among the top shots returning to Royal Berkshire Shooting School

Comprising 40 shooters on a CPSA handicap and 20 using the RBSS system, each competitor will return to the ground for a new 100-bird layout for the final, which will also be shot under handicap rules. The winner will receive a Browning Heritage worth £7,500.

Some shooters finished as finalists in the Spirit Classic, which will see the grand prize of a 1984 Rolls Royce Silver Spirit. The 20-bird Compak layout will be shot separately to the 100-target course.

The top shot using a Browning or Miroku will win a new Miroku worth £3,500 and the winners of the CCI Challenge, the Promatic Super Hawk and the Club Digweed competition will be announced.

See the full list of finalists below.


CPSA finalists

Jamie Passant
Jeff Bone
Neville Moore
Huw Stevens
Andrew Clifton
Matt Scott
Chris Dennis
Lee Jones
Ricky McArthur
Jack Lovick
Trevor Bell
Mike Etheridge
Ben McIlwaine
Rick Wyatt
Sean Gamblen
Ed Solomons
Matthew Bone
J Brockley
Peter Brockley
Nigel Mitchell
Dave Rowe
Jussi Maki Hokkonen
Chris Childerhouse
Philip Richings
Jonathan Ward
Mark Marshall
Josh Brown
Henry Young
Paul Finney
Ricky Draper
David Currell
Adrian Johnson
Geoff Dalton
Mark Winser
Steve Whinnett
Kevin Fisher
Hannah Gibson
Wayne Martin
Gavin Smith
Henry Arnold

RBSS finalists 

Philip Moran
Ivol Bailey
Tommy Treacy
Simon Smith
James Gilding
Mike Holmes
Geoffrey Trott
Andy Darton
Gil West
Dan Bishop
Marcus Tebbs
Matt Bell
Karl Field
George Hill
Paul Huggett
Nigel Pond
John Cordell
Sean Smith
Paul Hibbert
Paul Gilllett

Classic Spirit finalists

Jamie Passant
Neville Moore
Huw Stevens
Philip Moran
Jack Lovick
Andrew Clifton
Lee Jones
Chris Dennis
Ricky McArthur
Ed Solomons


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