What makes a good coach?

“Communication, flexibility and the ability to think laterally and problem solve. You cannot just use a blanket approach saying target X must be shot with method Y. I like to think of coaching as getting the shooter to build up a toolbox of techniques – how they choose to get the best out of those tools can be different for each person. You will all develop the same skills, but one person’s go-to technique may well differ from his shooting partners.


“There is no one secret to good shooting. I suppose my top tips would be so your hard work before you get in the stand, take your time and take one pair of targets at a time. Building a big score is a tough job, and requires lots of small things to be in the right place at the right time. If you fail to give one small aspect enough attention and no matter how good the rest of the shot is, you will probably miss.”

You can book a lesson with Ed Solomons at a range of different shooting grounds from £75. To do so, visit www.edsolomons.com.

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