Wilson receives MBE

027 webPeter Wilson emerged from the recesses of Buckingham Palace with the MBE and a big smile and immediately the media frenzy began all over again.

Few if any clay target shooters have captured the imagination of both the public and the press as he has and they are still shouting for more. It’s not just that he’s taller and better looking than most, his genuine liking for people and his ability to charm them all makes him a hot property right now.

“You have brought shooting to the forefront,” Prince Charles is said to have remarked to Wilson as he presented him with his award. We all agree with that and I would add, in the best possible way. Black tie receptions follow one after another and so do business opportunities. Now appointed ambassador to Gleneagles Shooting Ground some of Wilson’s time is now spent promoting the delights of this illustrious hotelier, most importantly its shooting facilities.

“These have been constantly developed over the years and offers the keen shots everything they could wish for in terms of practice and coaching,” says Wilson.

London Gunmakers Holland & Holland have also enlisted his services, so will Wilson be toting an H&H sidelock at the next Olympics, come to that will he be there? So far as the gun is concerned, Wilson’s friend and mentor Ahmed Al Maktoum is already working on a top secret project to produce a gun to match Double Traps new rules. As for Wilson – “I have to qualify first” he says, “I haven’t picked up my Trap gun since the Games, and then there are the new targets which I’ve only looked at. Let’s take one step at a time”.

He doesn’t underestimate the competition either. “There are some great shooters out there,” he says. “For example my friend Josh Richmond, a brilliant competitor. It didn’t work for him in London but he will be back, and that’s just one I will be up against”. Clearly Wilson does not want to put pressure on himself; nevertheless his latest press release clearly states his determination to compete at Rio in four years time. He also sees the new rules that make Double Trap even more challenging an opportunity rather than a problem and considers the changes have come just at the right time in his career.

One thing is certain – Wilson will be better prepared than ever if he is to make the next Olympics. The ‘no stone unturned’ policy is still in place, the latest part of which are discussions with a sports statistician who has been discussing with him how to raise his game measured in percentage points. Wilson’s goal is to be 100 per cent fit and 100 per cent ready for Rio in 2016.

Vic Harker

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