Trap 5 Open Day at Fauxdegla introduces UK to FEDECAT

UK shooters got the chance to sample one of the new FEDECAT disciplines when Fauxdegla opened its doors on Friday 28 March to curious hordes of shooters. Until now you had to travel to the continent to try out a FEDECAT discipline, but Mike Faux is among the first UK grounds to join the newly established Fedecat-UK with Beverley Clay Target Club not far behind them.


Nicola Heron, who is spearheading the new Fedecat-UK venture, said: “We want the fun shooters, not the moaners.”

It was the fun, friendly atmosphere that first attracted Mike Faux to get involved. His first event was a Trap 3 competition in Portugal and was immediately hooked. Among the array of notable Trap shooters at the Open Day was DTL England shooter Jane Hitchmough, who said: “I loved Trap 5 and the targets were great. We shoot on holiday anyway so we would absolutely shoot this abroad. I’d really like to compete once I’d had a chance to practice.”

Fauxdegla and Beverley will be providing practice and competitions, with the hope of encouraging those with the means to compete abroad and recruiting enough new Fedecat-UK members to be able to provide large scale shoots at home. Mike Faux said “It would be silly of us as a new venture to try to do something too big too soon, but if we can see the membership building then we’ll put on a big shoot..”

So, whether you are looking for a stepping stone to the faster Trap disciplines, or you have an interest in shooting abroad, Fedecat-uk is the way to go. More info can be found at

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One comment on “Trap 5 Open Day at Fauxdegla introduces UK to FEDECAT
  1. Stan worrell says:

    Can you explain to a novice shooter what this is all about? All articles assume that everyone is in the know……

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