Steve Jones might have just set a new world record

Steve Jones has achieved what some believe to be a world record at the London Shooting Show, during a challenge to shoot the longest target possible by presenting a teal type target starting at 75 yards. The event was held on the weekend of 16-17 September by the London Shooting Club, at West London Shooting Ground and the challenge involved moving backwards to their longest mark – in most cases, to a distance of 135 yards.


However, as the other shooters reached the 135 mark, Steve kept moving further backwards until he reached 155 yards. The wind was blowing the target away from the shooter and the trap was positioned at 135 yards from the last shooting stand. The distance was measured by WLSG using an electronic system as well as tape measures.

His second shot at this range broke the target – to the amazement of those present. He now holds the record for the longest target on the day – and possibly a world record too.

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2 comments on “Steve Jones might have just set a new world record
  1. Roy stinton says:

    I thought DIGWEED held the world record ?

  2. James says:

    Great shot! That can’t have been shot with 7.5s. I think even 6s would have a struggle. Must be 5s

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