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Q. I need advice on problems with my vision whilst clay shooting.

I can see the target quite clearly on first looking at it but seems to go quite blurred and difficult to see upon mounting the gun.

I am 59 years young, right handed with a right dominant eye but only slightly, I shoot with both eyes open. I had laser surgery in 2004 to try and improve my vision which seemed to work reasonably well until this last 12 months. I mainly shoot sporting targets (high birds give no trouble) but targets of trap disciplines or close to ground level seem to give most difficulty.

Adrian Thomas

A. There are many possible causes for this problem, and it is worth seeing you in person to assess your visual strengths and weaknesses.

As we get older, our eye muscle coordination can weaken which may lead to an eye “drifting” out of line when adopting the chin-down posture for ground targets ( A and V Patterns) which will evidently cause sighting problems. Once assessed, a system of visual exercises will help firm up the weaker eye muscles, thereby helping the two eyes work together.

In the case of insurmountable muscle weakness, partial or total occlusion of the drifting eye will help, although the disadvantages of monocular shooting will then need to be addressed. I look forward to seeing you.


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