Beading Bother

Q I am 61 and have been shooting DTL on and off for almost six years. I shoot a Miroku with 32” barrels and ¾ and full chokes fitted. I have been scoring between 19 and 22 with second barrels.
I want to know how I can shoot a better score? Can you tell me the best way to use the front bead, as sometimes I aim the bead at the target.
J Pritchard, Warwickshire

A Assuming your gun fits you correctly, it sounds like you are concentrating more on the bead than the target – fatal! Remember, the gun is an extension of your upper body and should point where your eyes look once you’re locked onto the clay.
You should only be concentrating on the clay; if you’re not this may be causing you to lift your head to look for the target and so you end up shooting over the top – it may sound simple but just try to keep your head hard on the stock! John Stafford

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