The crossing target

Steve Rawsthorne helps you out with the basic crosser

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Using the right method

Gun Mounting 116

There are different ways to shoot clays, and choosing the right one for each target is half the battle, says Steve Rawsthorne If you want to become a better shot, you need to understand what each of these are, be

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Gunmounting Masterclass

Gun Mounting 084

In shotgun shooting, the eye is the back sight. If it is in a different place every time, in relation to the gun barrels, the gun will shoot to a different place every time. A bit like a fairground air

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Steps to Success

Gun Mounting 085

The ambition to progress up a class or classes in your competitive shooting is nothing new. However, unless we devise a strategy and then break it down into specific steps, it’s not going to happen easily. We need to be

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Safety first

Is this gun loaded??

Safe shooting is the responsibility of all of us, says top Holland & Holland coach Steve Rawsthorne. We should be safe and be seen to be safe at all times

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Fitting in a Lesson

Correct gunfit can not only significantly improve your scores but increase your enjoyment of clay shooting as a sport. A simple one-hour lesson with a gunfitter can give you the skills and knowledge to make a drastic difference to your shooting.

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