Steps to Success

The ambition to progress up a class or classes in your competitive shooting is nothing new. However, unless we devise a strategy and then break it down into specific steps, it’s not going to happen easily. We need to be more specific, goal and time orientated.

Lets say that we are a C class shooter and we are going to move up to become a “B” class competitor. When? This year? Next year? When the first lady Pope is elected? We need to be more specific than this. “I will get into B class by September 2012” would be a better statement of intent.

Our goal also needs to be realistic, achievable. If we average 40% per cent at registered shoots at the moment, it might be better to aim for a 60% average by September next year.

Next we need to assess our strengths and weaknesses; for instance take an honest look at our gun mount, gun fit and technique. If we cannot mount the gun consistently, have not mastered all three methods, have a particular problem with battues or teal or driven birds, we will need to address these.

It’s also important to think about how much time and money you are prepared or able to devote to achieving your goal, can you afford the time and money to shoot a 100 bird registered shoot once a week, shoot 100 practice targets a week and have some coaching sessions with a professional instructor? Your objective will be limited to a large extent by these factors. A friend of mine always says he “shot away a house getting good”. How committed to success are you and your family?

Once we have honestly considered the above, we can formulate a plan. An example might be:

Objective – To become a  B class shooter by September 2012.

Strategy – To shoot 3 X 100 registered shoots a month, shoot  400 practise targets a month and have one professional lesson a month. To achieve an average score of 70 % by 1st June 2012, and an average of 76% by August 30th 2012.

Tactics – Buy new gun in January 2012. Have first professional lesson in January and shoot 400 practise targets. Have gun fitted in February 2012 and perfect the maintained lead.

Continuing a strategic plan like this throughout the season will make you far more likely to reach the goals you aim for.

Next month we will start on the hard work necessary for success.

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